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Flowerbed for shady places

By On 30 January 2015

The presented project of a flowerbed is suitable for shade or semi-shade habitats . You can use it in your home gardens.

Flowerbed of irregular shape and rounded shapes. It is recommended for naturalistic gardens with freely outlined paths. The dominant color here is the green of Norway spruce  ‘Pusch’ and Juniperus sabina, which is […]

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Flowerbed in a modern style

By On 16 January 2015

Flowerbed in a modern style of dimensions. Suitable for home gardens of modernist style with a geometric arrangement of paths and strong contrasts in the garden area.

Project of a flowerbed refers to the modern building structure.

Species selection is dictated primarily by functionality as evidenced by the use of less demanding grasses such […]

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Flowerbed for sunny places

By On 2 January 2015

This style of a flowerbed refers to a formal style with a symmetrical composition of plants. Linear planting arrangement emphasizes the flowerbed zones. In the central part there are higher shrubs, e.g. Norway spruce ‘Pusch’ and Norway spruce ‘Little Gem’.

Lower parts are formed by Spiraea japonica ‘Little Princess’, white spruce ‘Alberta Globe’ and Berberis […]

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Romantic-style flowerbed

By On 26 December 2014

This style refers to the rural style of irregular lines and free plantings of plants.  It is characterized by subtlety and charm in the selection of the species, which aims to enchant the recipient. Luxuriantly flowering shrubs: Rosa rugosa ‘Hansa’, Rosa rugosa ‘Robusta’ and Hydrangea serrata attract the eye, while Lavandula angustifolia and Japanese […]

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