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We present another hedge shrub. Dasiphora fruticosa is a short shrub with dense, rounded foliage.

It usually grows up to 1 m of height. The leaves are small, pinnate, divided into 3 to 7 elliptic leaflets.

It blooms between May and October with yellow flowers. It grows slowly and is long-lived. It is popular […]

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Flowerbed for shady places

By On 30 January 2015

The presented project of a flowerbed is suitable for shade or semi-shade habitats . You can use it in your home gardens.

Flowerbed of irregular shape and rounded shapes. It is recommended for naturalistic gardens with freely outlined paths. The dominant color here is the green of Norway spruce  ‘Pusch’ and Juniperus sabina, which is […]

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Garden in the Arts&Crafts style

By On 23 January 2015

The style of this garden project refers to the Arts & Crafts trend. Its mysterious atmosphere was created  through the use of high vegetation, which also divides the garden into places of different functions and destinations.

There is a place for calm and relaxation in a quiet area as well as playing with children, or […]

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