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It is a coniferous tree, with narrow conical foliage, growing to 15 m  of height.

The leaves are of two types: needle-like and scale-like. The scale-like leaves dominate on adult trees. The fruit are numerous, fleshy, dark purple-blue berry-like cones.

The tree needs average, sandy, dry soils and sunny habitats. It is resistant to […]

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It is a leaved tree with a broad, shaggy foliage and smooth, grey bark with lighter strips.

The leaves are single, serrulate at the bottom, with a double serrated edge, dark green, turning yellow in the autumn.

Carpinus betulus is a little demanding plant. It tolerates drought and prefers shady habitats. It grows even […]

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The concept of home garden development on a large suburban plot of elongated shape is the subject of the work. The house is located in the central part and divides the area into almost equal halves what facilitates the determination of functional zones – entrance, representative, and leisure behind the house connected with a mother […]

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