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It is a dense shrub with straight, stiff branches. It grows to 2-3 m of height. The leaves are elliptic, dark green and shiny. They turn maroon, orange or yellow in the autumn.

The fruit are spherical, black and shiny, 8-10 mm in diameter. They appear in October and fall quickly.

Cotoneaster lucidus tolerates […]

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The importance of determining soil’s pH value is reflected by how plants chosen wrongly when it comes to soil acidity manifest undesired effects or have their growth stunted.

We can test the pH value of the soil in our garden and choose the plants accordingly to ensure they have good conditions for growth and […]

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Last week we discussed the proper way of conducting area inventory and updating our map. Having done that, it is necessary to conduct a series of analyses which will help us determine what soil conditions are prevailing on our lot and plan the steps to improve them.

We need to test the soil’s pH […]

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