Flowerbed in a modern style of dimensions. Suitable for home gardens of modernist style with a geometric arrangement of paths and strong contrasts in the garden area.

Project of a flowerbed refers to the modern building structure.

Species selection is dictated primarily by functionality as evidenced by the use of less demanding grasses such as Miscanthus sinensis ‘Zebrinus’, Carex buchananii and Festuca gautieri.

Calluna vulgaris ‘Alice’ complements the overall composition. The evergreen accent is constituted by mountain pine ‘Pumilio’ and Juniperus sabina.

Cullet was used as a bedding for plants instead of typically used white grit; it marks the modern character of the flowerbed and additionally introduces color contrasts.

A perspective projection with the used plants specified.


 Projection of a flowerbed with dimension


Flowerbed that is suitable for sunny places with moderately moist soil.

Other proposed plants that are suitable for modern gardens; all kinds of grasses, e.g. Pennisetum alopecuroides and Imperata cylindrica ‘Red Baron’.

Visualization of the project:

design_garden (1)

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