This style of a flowerbed refers to a formal style with a symmetrical composition of plants. Linear planting arrangement emphasizes the flowerbed zones. In the central part there are higher shrubs, e.g. Norway spruce ‘Pusch’ and Norway spruce ‘Little Gem’.

Lower parts are formed by Spiraea japonica ‘Little Princess’, white spruce ‘Alberta Globe’ and Berberis thunbergii ‘Tiny Gold’. Ginkgo biloba ‘Mariken’, in the central part constitutes an interesting element in a whole flower bed composition .

The evergreen species makes the flowerbed looks attractively throughout the year.

It is recommended especially for geometric, formal home gardens with a simple and transparent spatial system.

A perspective projection with the used plants specified.


Projection of a project with dimension


Recommended for sunny places and to fresh, a bit moist soil.


Visualization of the project


In addition to the suggested photophilic species, the following will also fit very well; Lavandula angustifolia,  Rhododendron molle, Blue fescue or Festuca gautieri.

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