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It is a very dense and wide shrub with thin branches, growing to 1-2 m of height.

The leaves, appearing in 3-5, are flap, 2-5 cm long. It blooms very early in the spring. In the autumn the leaves turn yellow.

The fruit are red, shiny, ripen in July and remain long in branches. […]

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We present another hedge shrub. Dasiphora fruticosa is a short shrub with dense, rounded foliage.

It usually grows up to 1 m of height. The leaves are small, pinnate, divided into 3 to 7 elliptic leaflets.

It blooms between May and October with yellow flowers. It grows slowly and is long-lived. It is popular […]

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It is a dense, branched shrub, very similar to Ilex aquifolium. The leaves are stiff, leathery, spiky or dentate.

Female ones have numerous red or yellow fruit, remaining on trees until December or longer. The fruits are poisonous.

The soil in a garden cultivation should be fertile, quite humid, not so heavy and acidic. […]

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It is a tree with narrow foliage, growing to 40-50 m of height.

The leaves are needle-like, falling slightly during the autumn. The cones are roundish or elongate. It should be planted on light, fertile, quite humid soil. It is photophilous. It needs much space to grow. It looks beautiful in parks as a […]

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It is a very decorative shrub, straight, with slightly pendulous branches, growing to 3 m of height.

It is decorative mainly because of its beautiful, campanula pink or white flowers, produced of several together. It is easy to cultivate because of its low soil requirements.

It grows the best on a permeable soil, with […]

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It is a coniferous tree, with narrow conical foliage, growing to 15 m  of height.

The leaves are of two types: needle-like and scale-like. The scale-like leaves dominate on adult trees. The fruit are numerous, fleshy, dark purple-blue berry-like cones.

The tree needs average, sandy, dry soils and sunny habitats. It is resistant to […]

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It is a dense shrub with straight, stiff branches. It grows to 2-3 m of height. The leaves are elliptic, dark green and shiny. They turn maroon, orange or yellow in the autumn.

The fruit are spherical, black and shiny, 8-10 mm in diameter. They appear in October and fall quickly.

Cotoneaster lucidus tolerates […]

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It is a short, branchy shrub which grows to 1 m of height.

It is the most popular from among all kinds of Berberis. Its various species, such as ‘Atropurpureum’ or ‘Tiny Gold’, having different types and colors, are widely used in home gardens and urban areas.

In the autumn, the leaves turn bright […]

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Today we present another hedge species – unusually charming Buxus sempervirens.

It is a green, leaved shrub, growing to 3 m of height. The leaves are small, 1-4 cm long, decussate, elliptic, leathery, naked, dark green and shiny.

It likes shady, screened habitats and light, semi-humid soil. However, it tolerates drought.

Buxus sempervirens also […]

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It is a high tree with dense, conical, low growing foliage. It grows 20 m of height and 15 m trunk diameter. It has smooth, grey bark. The leaves are lanceolate with crenate margins. They turn yellow, red or orange in the autumn.

Fagus sylvatica is one of the most beautiful forest trees, also […]

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