From the monthly archives: December 2014

If we made the decision to design a garden space, we should prepare a current map which will help us come up with an initial concept or design.

For this we need a map for design purposes which will tell us where our house is located. Such a map should be available in the architectural […]

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Romantic-style flowerbed

By On 26 December 2014

This style refers to the rural style of irregular lines and free plantings of plants.  It is characterized by subtlety and charm in the selection of the species, which aims to enchant the recipient. Luxuriantly flowering shrubs: Rosa rugosa ‘Hansa’, Rosa rugosa ‘Robusta’ and Hydrangea serrata attract the eye, while Lavandula angustifolia and Japanese […]

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The first and basic stage you cannot start designing your garden without is an interview with the investor. It applies to not only landscape architecture but also urban planning and interior design.

First, you need to learn about his expectations of the project which might prove very helpful in the later stages of your […]

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We all dream of our own home garden. Of a green space which would serve us as a place where we could relax and rest from the constant hustle and bustle or meet with our family and friends.

The important thing is to go beyond dreaming and try to set up our own perfect garden […]

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