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Design your garden in 3D, assign its execution and build all the elements using the MyGreenSpace application.


Get to know MyGreenSpace

MyGreenSpace is the worlds first online app that brings all the entities and products connected with the creation of landscape architecture onto the internet.

How can MyGreenSpace help you?

MyGreenSpace will make it possible not only to design the greenery, but it will also help you at each stage of creating your dream garden.


Plant selection assistant

Select plants: MyGreenSpace will tell you which plants will look great on your property.

3D visualisation

See your garden in 3D: your garden design you will be able to see at once in three-dimensional space.

Design and buy

Find plant stores: each plant out of the base of 3000 is available in shops. MyGreenSpace will tell you where in your neighbourhood you will find each of them.


Design and order the realization: Choose a reliable company and order it the realization of your design.

Growth simulation

Plant growth simulation: See how your garden will change over the years.

Plant recognition

Recognize your plant:  Upload the picture of a plant and the system  will automatically tell you what plant it is.

Our Partners


Internet seller

Our users can use models of the products offered for sale thanks to this possibility, the designed garden quickly measured and selected products in the shops of our partners are purchased.


When you have finished creating the designed garden thanks to the simple functionality of the garden planner you can estimate the costs and give a selected partner the order.

garden architect

MyGreenSpace is an app that is used by professional service companies that deal with green space design. Our partners appreciate the comfort and the richness of functionalities.

will our partners